About Matthew Harrod

Sports equipment manufacturing is as much a part of our family as our unwavering support for Ipswich Town FC.

I have fond memories of being taken on business trips during the school holidays with my father, Mark Harrod to Premier League clubs, national stadiums and, what seemed at the time, huge manufacturing plants. There was always extra pocket money to be earned by packing nuts, bolts and making track runners for netting! So it seemed natural that after I finished university in 2006, I would follow in my father’s footsteps into the industry.

I started in manufacturing and was involved in all aspects of creating and producing sports equipment. As our previous company grew I moved into warehousing and logistics, a department I would eventually manage.

This experience gave me a unique hands-on insight into the wide and varied world of sports equipment that has formed the majority of my career. This practical knowledge was invaluable when I moved into sales and I have prided myself on knowing the product range inside and out.

With the launch of our company MH Goals, I have been incredibly privileged to be able to direct the course and tone of the brand. It’s not often that you have such an opportunity to create and develop a new company and a product range you are so passionate about.

In this day and age there are many ways to communicate, market and sell, but I believe that ‘people buy from people’. That is why Mark, Daniel and I remain highly engaged and work directly with every one of our valued customers and partners. We are a family business and are proud that MH Goals bears our name. If you would like any information on the latest safety standards or product developments please feel free to call me direct on 01502 711298 and ask for Matthew Harrod or drop me an email on matthew@mhgoals.com


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