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BS EN 16579 – What it means for you.

Matthew Harrod

In October 2018, the new European BS EN 16579 was published; the most significant change in goal post safety for over five years. MH Goals MD Mark Harrod was instrumental in shaping this new standard, having been brought in as an independent expert to the panel.

Testing for BS EN 16579
What is BS EN 16579?

BS EN 16579 is a Europe wide standard that replaces BS 8462:2012. It is designed to improve the safety of sports, playground and other recreational equipment.

What’s changed?

There are many changes in this standard, including:

  • Reducing the chance of finger entrapment by reducing the width of the mould net hook channel.
  • Reducing the standard net mesh size from 120mm to 100mm to reduce the risk from head entrapment.
  • Introducing a new range of medium weight goals that have an overall weight of less than 42kg, this includes for the first time a full sized goal that meets this weight limit.
  • Allowing goals to be installed using the ground screw system.

Is it just football goals that are covered by this new standard?

No. For the first time ever, rugby posts are now regulated by a safety standard. BS EN 16579 covers installation of sockets, goal strength (goal posts must now be tested to 2000N vertically and 1100N horizontally) and maintenance. As with our range of football goals, all our rugby posts meet BS EN 16579.

Do I have to change my old goals?

It is not a legal requirement as yet, though we would highly recommend that to protect yourselves and your players all equipment should meet the latest safety standards available.

If you have any further questions about BS EN 16579, or anything else to do with sports equipment safety, call us on 01502 711298 and speak directly to the experts. We will be happy to help you with this and any other matter.

Matthew Harrod
Sales Director

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