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Lift and Lower: Evolving the Wheel

Matthew Harrod

MH Goals is proud to introduce our latest product innovation – the Lift and Lower Evolution.


Our current lift and lower wheel can be found at thousands of sports facilities across the UK and has become the mainstay of portable aluminium goals. However, with the introduction of BSEN16579 the design had to change to conform to this rigorous new safety standard. This may be a problem for other companies but where they see barriers, MH Goals sees opportunity.

The new Lift and Lower Evolution addresses many issues of the previous design while keeping the practicality and ease of use that the original wheel was praised for. The compact design makes for a safer product with no parts protruding past the wheel when the goal is in its lowered or playing position. This means that all solid parts are now covered by the rubber wheel, forming a barrier between players and any moving parts.

Our new design also reduces the chance of finger entrapment by decreasing and covering any gaps. A key element of the old design was the cantilever handle which is now banned under BSEN16579 as it creates a shear point and could cause possible injury; we have addressed this with the introduction of our easy to use turn handle. With just a few turns the goal is easily raised off the ground and ready to be moved. All goals will also have an extended handle which can be used at standing height making lifting and lowering the goal accessible to all.

The patent pending Lift and Lower Evolution is standard across our 100mm aluminium range from 2019 and along with a raft of other improvements makes our goals the safest and easiest to use on the market.



Matthew Harrod
Sales Director

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