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MH Goals Joins SAPCA

Matthew Harrod

We are proud to announce our membership of the highly respected Sports and Play Construction Association (SAPCA).



As a leading voice in sports infrastructure development, SAPCA requires stringent criteria for membership, including adherence to industry-leading standards in construction and service quality.

MH Goals’ decision to join SAPCA underlines our unwavering commitment to excellence. With a track record of collaborating with SAPCA-affiliated companies and organisations on large-scale projects nationwide, becoming a full member was a natural progression. By meeting SAPCA’s rigorous standards, we aim to continue to elevate the quality and professionalism of sports construction projects throughout the UK.

SAPCA membership is the latest accreditation for MH Goals, to go with our accreditations from FIFA, the FIH and the ISO9001 standard. It all works to ensure MH Goals customers receive the highest quality products and services. 

We now look forward to actively engaging within the SAPCA community, and contributing to the advancement of sports and play infrastructure across the UK.

Matthew Harrod
Sales Director

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