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MH Goals support Northamptonshire FA Futsal Programme

Matthew Harrod

MH Goals is committed to supporting grassroots football, with links to regional Football Associations across the UK. One such example of this commitment is the support we’ve provided to Northamptonshire FA during our partnership so far.

Last September, MH Goals donated new Futsal goals to Northamptonshire FA’s Futsal Programme for use at the Arena Sports centre in Kettering.

Futsal is a fast-paced, high-octane game that is great for improving a player’s technical skill. The game is widely played across the world, and many World Cup winners attribute their football success to playing futsal in their youth.

In recent years it has really started to take off in the UK, and Northamptonshire FA is at the forefront by offering a number of both men’s and women’s leagues, as well as ‘Just Play’ Futsal sessions. Competitive Futsal leagues, along with recreational sessions for adults and children, ensure that there really is something for everyone!

MH Goals has been a firm supporter of futsal for a number of years and Matthew Harrod, Sales Director at MH Goals, has been delighted to able to assist Northamptonshire FA with their ever-expanding Futsal Programme. “Futsal is a great game for developing the skills of both youth and adults alike, and MH Goals was more than happy to sponsor a new pair of Futsal goals for Northamptonshire FA at Arena Sports Kettering.”

Stuart Smith, Football Development Officer at Northamptonshire Football Association added: “We’re extremely grateful to Matthew and the team at MH Goals for this new set of Futsal goals. Futsal is a superb format of the game as you get loads more touches of the ball than conventional 11-a-side football. Those extra touches fine-tune your first touch, movement, passing and skill development. We encourage all our clubs and leagues to get in touch with Arena Sports and make a booking!”

Futsal is a fast-paced, high-octane game.
Futsal is a fast-paced, high-octane game.
Matthew Harrod
Sales Director

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