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New Hockey 5s Foam Rebound Boards Coming Soon

Matthew Harrod

After six months in the product design phase followed by extensive testing, MH Goals is now pleased to reveal our new Hockey 5s foam rebound boards.


Hockey 5s Foam Board

We have designed these lightweight, durable rebound boards to make setting up your Hockey 5s pitch quick and easy. Manufactured from closed cell cross linked co-polymer foam they are tough enough to stand up to the most high-paced games, but light enough to be easily transported and stored. Plus, each board is fully wrapped with waterproof material, which is an ideal surface to print your club or sponsor logos on.

The boards are 1.95 metres long, 250mm high and 150mm deep, and come complete with joining bars. Specially designed corner joiners and goal attachments allow you to complete a full regulation 40m x 23.7m pitch securely and safely.

As you would expect from MH Goals, these boards have been independently lab-tested as well as tested in real-world conditions, and we are pleased to say they meet the stringent FIH class 1 and 2 standards.

‘Hockey’s 5s is really starting to take off and we wanted a product that could take the punishment of this fast-paced game but still be easy to move and set up,” said MH Goals MD Mark Harrod. “Using a high-density foam wrapped in a fully customisable waterproof coating gives the user not just flexibility on the pitch but a whole array of branding opportunities as well. I’m also delighted we achieved the top class 1 standard from the FIH’s quality programme for this product’.

The Hockey 5s Foam Rebound Boards will be released in April this year.

Matthew Harrod
Sales Director

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