Heavy Duty Concrete in Boot Wiper

Heavy Duty Concrete in Boot Wiper

  • Ideal for schools and clubs
  • Constructed from 50mm diameter steel tube
  • Available in a variety of widths
  • Scraper is integrated
  • Powder coated green

Keep the mud outside where it belongs with this quality concrete-in boot wiper. Fashioned from heavy duty steel tubing for extreme durability, and powder-coated green MH Goals boot wipers are an essential addition to any clubhouse and sports ground.

The brushes are integrated into the stand, and have thick bristles that are perfect for removing mud, dirt and other substances from football boots and other footwear. We can supply this boot wiper in a range of widths from 1.2 metres to 3 metres so they’re suitable for use in the smallest and largest of grounds. 

If you want a long lasting, high quality bootwiper for your football ground, rugby club, golf clubhouse, or even to use at home, an MH Goal boot wiper is the ideal choice.


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