iGO Mini Line Marking Machine

iGO Mini Line Marking Machine

The iGO Mini Line Marking Machine is an advanced, third generation spray marking machine, offering speed and flexibility of application.

IGO Mini Line Marker Machine

  • The iGO Mini provides a high-pressure delivery to the target surface to produce consistent, bright lines every time
  • Designed for use with Impact Ready-to-use Paint
  • Consistent application enables accurate costings per pitch
  • Removable battery for flexible re-charging options
  • Accessibility to all parts allowing easy maintenance
  • Includes pre-drilled disc spacers and removable paint pod
  • 5L carton allows the operator to over-mark up to four standard sized pitches without returning to a central base
  • In the case of a conventional machine applying dilutable paints, the operator would have to return twice for refilling and mixing and would have to have an available water supply
  • Now comes with nozzle pot, 1 litre of Flushthru’ and have the capability of carrying a 10 litre container
Code: MARK-006
Code: MARK-006


EACH Code: MARK-006