Lift and Lower Evolution Wheel - Set of 4

Lift and Lower Evolution Wheel – Set of 4

MH Goals is proud to introduce our latest product innovation – the Lift and Lower Evolution.

With the introduction of BSEN16579 the old lever wheel has had to change to conform to this rigorous new safety standard.

The new Lift and Lower Evolution, exclusive to MH Goals, meets the new safety standard and addresses many issues of the previous design while keeping the practicality and ease of use that the original wheel was praised for. It features:

  • Compact design for a safer product
  • No parts protruding past the wheel when the goal is in its lowered or playing position
  • Reduced chance of finger entrapment by decreasing and covering any gaps
  • Easy to use turn handle which eliminates shear points






Lift and Lower Evolution Wheel

  • Designed to move aluminium goals on grass and synthetic pitches
  • Conforms to the new shear point and finger entrapment regulation that is part of the BSEN16579 safety standard
  • New compact design improves safety, as no parts protrude past the wheel
  • Comes with 260mm diameter non puncture wheel
  • All laser parts zinc plated
  • Four wheels will cover a full size, 9v9 or Mini Soccer goal
  • The evolution wheel can be raised or lowered with the turn handle, long reach handle or a power drill
  • Exclusive product to MH Goals – Patent No: GB2576113
Code: LL-005
Code: LL-005


SET OF FOUR Code: LL-005