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The Ultimate MHGoals Guide

Matthew Harrod

When it comes to choosing the right goal for your ground, the options can seem overwhelming. Our range has over 100 different goal variations, to meet the needs of every type of pitch, so how do you know which one to choose? We present to you the Ultimate MH Goals Guide.

Goal Guide


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Your goal size will be determined mainly by the age group using the equipment. Younger children will play on smaller pitches and require smaller goals to suit their size and focus on skill development. As they get older, larger goals are used to introduce the adult game.

The FA official guidelines for the right size of goal for each age group are:

  • 24 x 8ft (7.32 x 2.44m) Full sized: Age 16 and above
  • 21 x 7ft (6.40 x 2.13m) Youth sized: Age 13-15
  • 16 x 7ft (4.88 x 2.13m) 9v9: Age 11-12
  • 16 x 6ft (4.88 x 1.83m) and 12 x 6ft (3.66 x 1.83m) Mini Soccer: Age 7-10
  • 16 x 4ft (4.88×1.2m) and 12 x 4ft (3.66 x 1.2m) 5 a Side: All age groups



Football goals come in two types, either socketed or freestanding. Which type you go for will depend on where and how you will use your equipment.

Freestanding goals

These offer unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. Whether you play on an enclosed synthetic pitch or use a local authority ground there’s a freestanding goal for you.

Socketed goals

Socketed goals come with sleeves that you concrete into the ground or fix in place with our DIY Ground Screw which removes the need for digging and concrete all together. This type of goal used heavily in the adult game (24 x 8ft goals) and is the default choice for league clubs and open pitches.



At MH Goals we manufacture our goals at our factory in Suffolk from either aluminium or steel. Both materials have their benefits:


  • Light, so it’s easy to move
  • Doesn’t corrode
  • All MH Goals aluminium goals come with welded corners as aluminium goals that are just been cut or mitred have extremely sharp edges and can be unsafe
  • Aluminium goals have significant scrap value so we recommend they are used in an enclosed area or are taken down or chained together after use


  • Extremely strong so will stand up to an enormous amount of abuse
  • Less expensive than aluminium so great value
  • Excellent for use on open pitches


Download your FREE goal guide here

Matthew Harrod
Sales Director

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