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Upgrading the Box Goal

Matthew Harrod

While our freestanding box goal has been a staple at many clubs across the country for years, we never stand still, and this summer we’ve made a number of upgrades to keep it at the top of the league.

Firstly, we’ve implemented a new net retention system. This removes the rachet and strap from the back of the goal that would often become broken over time. In its place we now have a reinforced top wire (like our FIFA Pro Box Goal) along with straining bolts. This not only keeps the net tighter for longer, but also removes the temptation to over-rachet the net which causes damage to the goal.

We’ve also reinforced the internal front joints which has enabled us to remove the front lower brace from the goal. By doing this there’s no risk of a goal being disallowed due to it striking and then rebounding off this brace.

As more and more clubs move to having a 3G pitch as their main playing surface, it’s important to keep on top of the safety requirements, which include the wheels. Our Evo wheel already passes the BSEN16579 safety standard, but following feedback we have now started to produce a foam cover for these wheels. The Evo wheel has a unique feature which enables the user to remove the small turn handle, so now once this has been removed the wheel can be completely covered, leaving a small access hole at the top for the long reach handle to be used. This enables the wheel to not only be covered but the goals can still be moved as well.

 To find out more about the new look Freestanding Box Goal, click here.

Matthew Harrod
Sales Director

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